La scultura (second feature)

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La scultura

La scultura

original title:

La scultura

directed by:




Francesca Pasquaretta

set design:


world sales:





film run:




festivals & awards:

  • Montréal World Film Festival 2014: Focus on World Cinema
  • The Independent Los Angeles Film Festival Film Awards 2015 - Best Foreign Feature
  • The Indie Fest - La Jolla San Diego 2015: Award of Merit Special Mention for Leading Actress (Corinna Coroneo), Award of Merit Feature Film, Award of Merit LGBT
  • International Movie Awards Jakarta 2015: Gold Awards: Director, Cinematographer
  • The Accolade Competition 2015: Awards of Merit Special Mention - Experimental, Special Purpose Production
  • Philadelphia Independent Film Festival 2015: Best Foreign Feature
  • St. Tropez International Film Festival 2015: Best Foreign Director
  • World Film Awards 2015: Platinum World Award for Best Director, Gold World Award for Best Actress (Corinna Coroneo), Gold World Award for Best Cinematographer
  • Euro Film Festival Marbella 2015: Best Director, Best Female Interpretation (Corinna Coroneo) 
  • Mexico Internationl Film Festival and Awards 2015: Gold Palm Winner
  • Honolulu Film Awards 2015: Gold Kahuna
  • Digitalmation Award 2015: Best Foreign Film
  • Salento Internationl Film Festival 2015: Official Selection & Prima Italiana
  • Innovative Film Festival Tampa 2015: Official Selection
  • Malaysia International Film Festival 2015: Official Selection
  • Atlas Awards Film Festival of Boston 2015: Official Selection
  • Depth of Field International Film Festival of Nassau 2015: Official Selection
  • Three Cities Film Festival Los Angeles 2015: Official Selection

Moses is a talented sculptor totally committed to his art who struggles to eke out a living. He decides to rent a room to Korinne, a beautiful woman who works as an escort and is thoroughly convinced that the primary goals of life are easy money and external beauty. The meeting between Moses and Korinne leads to a love story that will change their lives forever.