Disco Boy (first feature)

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Disco Boy

Disco Boy

original title:

Disco Boy

directed by:



set design:

Esther Mysius

costume design:

Pauline Jacquard, Marina Monge




Films Grand Huit, Dugong Films, Panache Productions, Donten & Lacroix Films, Division, with the support of CNC, Eurimages, Région Ile-de-France, Région Réunion, CVS, Cinemage, Cineaxe, Arte Cofinova, Breizh Film Fund, Fonds Wallonie Bruxelles, Movie Tax Invest, Polish Film Institute, Région Podkarpacki

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After a long and difficult journey through Europe, Aleksei arrives in Paris to join the Foreign Legion. Looking for a new life, he is ready for anything in order to obtain the promised passport.
On the Niger River Delta, Jomo fights oil multinationals that threaten life in his village.
While he is at the head of an armed group, one day he kidnaps French citizens. To intervene is a command of the Foreign Legion, led by Aleksei. The meeting between the two will have unexpected implications. Aleksei and Jomo’s destinies will overlap, continuing beyond borders, bodies, life and death.

I met a guy in a nightclub once. He was wearing a totally transparent plastic suit, big glasses covered his eyes and he was carrying a fluorescent truncheon. He told me that he was working there as a dancer but that he used to be a soldier.
He had led a double life for a whole year, between barracks and nightclubs, where he danced on a cube. Neither victim nor hero, Aleksei is in a constant process of becoming. And the process of becoming is somehow always innocent, even in crime. During a drink and drug-fuelled period of army leave, Aleksei is followed by his phantoms of war. Suspended in a hallucinatory dimension, dancing is his escape.
I could not make a movie in France like a French person. But I can make a movie as a foreigner about foreigners.
I’m searching for what people are, when they are the opposite of what we know about them. The moments where they are between two things, two situations, two places.