Pawn Streets (first feature)

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Pawn Streets (Le ultime cose)

Pawn Streets (Le ultime cose)

Pawn Streets (Le ultime cose)

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Le ultime cose

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Turin 2013. A bittersweet multitude of people pawn their belongings here, at the pawnshop, where they await to be redeemed or to be auctioned off. Among the many faces that illustrate the human inventory of the crisis, three stories unwittingly intertwine on the thin line of moral debt. Sandra, a young transsexual, after a romance with a young scion of the city’s ruling class, goes through a period of economic and emotional difficulty. In search of her feminine identity and a feeling of unconditional love, she lives waiting for a job in a small community of prostitutes. To escape her past as well as a period of crisis, she pawns her fur, token from her former lover. Her gaze will cross with that of a young rookie, Stefano, an employee at the pawnshop, who will lead her into a tender love obsession.
Stefano, recently hired at the pawnshop, despite his optimistic expectations, meets with a hard working reality. Shy yet courteous, he is at first confronted with an injustice perpetrated by one of his bosses – of which he will become witness and accomplice - in the provocative presence of the young transsexual, who persistently searches for his attentions; then he is challenged with his daily work, made of fleeting meetings and tedious procedures, thus becoming an adult, gaining an understanding of the mechanisms of the place and accepting them, in spite of himself, in a painful process of growth that will deprive him of his original innocence.
Michele, a former porter now on retirement, married to Rosa, a tender and apprehensive housewife, willing the best for his family he asks for a loan to a relative, who will turn out to be the wrong person. When the latter asks Michele to pay back his debt by helping him for a short period of time at the pawnshop handling stolen goods, Michele, unbeknownst to his wife, decides to accept. Among blunders and difficulties, his path, because of a small scam which he falls victim of, takes an unexpected turn, intertwines with the lives of Sandra and Stefano, and ends in a tragic epilogue.