The Lack (first feature)

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The Lack

The Lack

The Lack

original title:

The Lack

directed by:


Masbedo, Beatrice Bulgari, Mitra Divshali


costume design:

Beatrice Bulgari, Agnieska Baranowska





film run:




With its four variations on the theme of "absence", The Lack is a film starring six female characters: six women immersed in a silent and primitive natural environment, who undertake a journey of self-discovery in a sublime, mysterious setting. They experience abandonment, separation, courage and exertion and, through this inner voyage, try to put the broken pieces back together and fill the emptiness in their lives.

"The Lack is a film we made to meet the need to conjugate our video art with the chance to make a movie using our own film language. Making it allowed us to experiment and to go beyond video art. There are no background actors in the film, only six women alone, as no one shares their loneliness. We wanted the voice in the scenes to be radical, with a nerve-racking dynamic between a very melancholic silence and the live recording of the surrounding natural setting. We are interested in bringing visual cinema back to the center of our work, minimizing the crew and being the craftsmen of our work."