Gian Luigi Rondi: vita, cinema, passione

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Gian Luigi Rondi: vita, cinema, passione

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Gian Luigi Rondi: vita, cinema, passione

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Gian Luigi Rondi, Paolo e Vittorio Taviani, Steve Della Casa, Ettore Scola, Gilles Jacob, Pupi Avati, Margarethe von Trotta, Adriano Ossicini, Carlo Lizzani, Francesco Rosi, Gina Lollobrigida


Alireza Movahes


Ivano Tempera

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Ready (24/07/2014)

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The documentary is on the life of Gian Luigi Rondi, film critic and historian, essayist and cultural organizer, but also writer of dialogues and scripts, director of documentaries and actor. The film is the product of over ten days of confessions, reminiscences and revelations on the part of the “Richelieu of cinema.” Through his stories and with the help of the memories of people like Gilles Jacob, Carlo Lizzani, Ettore Scola, Francesco Rosi, Paolo and Vittorio Taviani, Pupi Avati, Gina Lollobrigida, Margarethe von Trotta and Adriano Ossicini as well as some rare archive footage, it retraces the history of twentieth-century Italy and Italian cinema (it includes film clips never presented in a documentary before), uncovering some of the less well-known aspects of this man who has always placed the cinema above everything else.

A journey made in search of the answer to the question of who is Gian Luigi Rondi. A journey filled with surprises, anecdotes and fellow travelers. A journey on which the languages of film, television and radio are interwoven. At its end the mystery may remain unsolved, but the story has been enriched with new elements, avoiding any hagiography and celebratory triumphalism thanks to the tone of irony and self-mockery that pervades the film.