Animata resistenza

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Animata resistenza

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Animata resistenza


Simone Massi



Fucina del Corāgo, with the support of Fondazione Marche Cinema Multimedia, Marche Film Commission





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Ready (24/07/2014)

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The poetry of the Marche hills. Their woods, meadows, fields. A man and a woman walk in silence. He has a red scarf around his neck. Simone Massi, creator of the opening sequence played before screenings at the Venice Film Festival, is a “resistant animator.” He makes his films by drawing every single frame, in his studio, in a house deep in the countryside around Pergola. A laborious, meticulous, extraordinary work, carried out with a technique all his own, in which material is not added but taken away, incised and eroded. Massi recounts his land, his ancestors, the peasant civilization that has vanished forever. Little stories forgotten by history. We listen to his reflections and the memories of some old people who experienced the war and the Resistance at firsthand.

Simone welcomed us and trusted us. He followed us the whole time we were filming. We “sought” shots that might almost be able to echo his drawings in reality. Interviewing former partisans and country people, we heard their voices vibrate with memory of the past. It was as if time had been suspended. The most beautiful thing of all was seeing how happy they were to find two young people like us who were still interested in their stories. (Alberto Girotto)