Nè Giulietta nè Romeo (first feature)

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Nè Giulietta nè Romeo

Nè Giulietta nè Romeo

Nè Giulietta nè Romeo

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Nè Giulietta nè Romeo

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Pigra, Carismi





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Rocco is sixteen years old. His parents, although divorced, are present in his life. Manuele is a psychiatrist and Olga a journalist. They are two apparently evolved and liberal people. There i salso Amanda, a very eccentric grandmother. Rocco is nice and loyal, he loves his mother but he is always in conflict with his father. Together with his best friends Maria and Mauri, he is a passionate fan of current rock star, Jody Mc Gee (a young gay icon). A school flirt and Rocco reveals his omosexuality to his parents. A disaster. The family discussion turns into an akward and usless generational conflict. Rocco, feeling misunderstood, runs away from home and arrives in Milan to take part to his favourite singer’s concert. Olga follows his son together with Amanda in what semms to become an ironically disastrous trip. At the concert Olga and Rocco clear up their misunderstanding through an important and suffered discussion. In Milan Rocco finds a new love. Once back home, they all keep on living their lives although something has changed, they do not feel the same anymore. The fight against prejudice is started and Rocco is now ready to struggle to efendi his own identity.