Heart and Blood (second feature)

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Heart and Blood (Core & sang)

Heart and Blood (Core & sang)

original title:

Core & sang

directed by:


Alessandro Fontanarosa, Lucia Peraza Rios, Elisabetta Valgoi, Massimiliano Gallo, Cristina Donadio, Ciro Esposito, Lello Serao, Vincenzo Borrelli, Rebecca Furfaro, Duccio Fonzone, Ernesto Osci, Valentino Manfredonia, Adriano Fiorentino



set design:

costume design:

Michela Lancia





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Giuliano is a 35 years man. He is a musician of no success. Playing and singing his neapolitanblues songs with an electric trio. He works in a Fuel Station and drinks, drinks too much. His life has no direction until he met Livia, an immigrant girl who works in a gym as Kick Boxing trainer.
He needs money for his sister Anna who has a cancer and he decide to find the money in a underground boxing match. All the past rise again: the champion he was, the bad relations with his father, his problems to reach success. Only the presence of Livia will help him to win his ghosts and make the step in a new life. Maybe to became a man and a father.

The story starts from the real biography of Giuliano. In the past he was a bad boy saved by music and boxing. In fact this is a film about music and boxing, hope and rebirth, anger and love. A story filmed in Bagnoli, the dismissed industrial part of Naples, closer to the sea where Giuliano and Livia, looking at the horizon, dream of a new life.