Once in Summer

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Once in Summer (Era d'estate)

Once in Summer (Era d'estate)

Once in Summer (Era d'estate)

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Era d'estate


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The island of Asinara, 1985. On a night like so many others, Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino disembark on the island with their families.
Quick and sudden, this move was due to the murders the Mafia was committing at that time. In danger, Giovanni and Paolo are secured in a location where no one can attack them. It is a hot summer – hotter than it has been for some time – and in their small lodgings at Cala D’Oliva the two magistrates live in close contact with their families, but also with all the people on the island, from members of the military to inmates.
The situation hampers their work, but regardless of everything, they press ahead with determination. But on the other hand, there are two wives – Francesca and Agnese – who cannot conceal their concern, their fear.
Although this is no easy burden to bear each and every day, they know their husbands will never stop fighting for their ideals. Thus begins a long month of nights spent watching the sea, hoping for the thoughts to pass from their minds so they can enjoy a small bit of carefree life; common problems become a sort of sharing, as if they could be more easily faced in greater numbers. Giovanni, Francesca, Paolo, and Agnese will thus come to know each other, even in their weaknesses, unaware of being united – all four of them – by the inexorable fate awaiting them in 1992.

Antonino Caponnetto said that the two judges did not have the documents for the maxi-trial of Palermo with them during their stay at the Asinara, and that for many days they were unable to work. This is the detail that gave me the idea for the film. To imagine Falcone and Borsellino three months before the beginning of one of the greatest trials of the century, with the injunction yet to be written, and forced to abstain from work. Forced into that exile.