Sp1ral (first feature)

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Tony Pichierri

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festivals & awards:

  • Terra di Siena Internetional Film Festival 2015: Official Selection - Audience Award
  • Reggio Calabria Film Festival 2015
  • Parma Music Film Festival 2016: Best Actor (Marco Cocci)

Matthew Moella is a successful director. He lives and works in New York where he is also in rehab to treat the bordeline disorder, from which he suffers for years.
During the rehearsals of his latest work, a phone call from Italy warning him of the death of his father.
Matthew leaves New York and his life to return to his hometown and to the beachhouse that his father left to him.
The beach the beach of his childhood became his refuge, inaccessible to everyone except Alice, a young and beautiful girl, which would seem to breach the wall that Matthew has erected between him and all the rest.
But his ghosts, always present, drag him again into a spiral of obsessions and memories from which it will be increasingly difficult to get out.

Sp1ral is a miracle. A small miracle for an atheist.
Inside Sp1ral I put everything I had. My fears, my passions, my anger.
It would have been a very small flm with very few characters, but as time went on and increased the diffculties and the more it became great.
I think I can sum up the movie in two words: NO-REDEMPTION, or the idea that a man, despite his efforts, is intended to give in to his weaknesses.
As Matteo, a sick person, without a true guilty, but to be a lonely man. And I wanted that his illness was more in his eyes and his words than in his actions.