Love among the Ruins (first feature)

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Love among the Ruins (Amore tra le rovine)

Love among the Ruins (Amore tra le rovine)

original title:

Amore tra le rovine


Mary Di Tommaso, Massimo Malucelli, Stefano Muroni, Edoardo Siravo, Tatti Sanguineti, Filippo Parma, Sandro Sproccati, Serge Bromberg, Richard Meyer, Livio Jacob, Grazia Fogli, Paolo Mereghetti, Giampiero Raganelli, Donald Sosin, Lauro Pampolini, Arturo Pesaro


set design:

Elisa Leonini

costume design:

Sartoria Storica Equipe Ferrara


Donald Sosin


Meyerhar Productions, in collaboration with di promozione sociale Feedback





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In 2012, a 6.0-magnitude earthquake struck northern Italy, including the city of Ferrara. The quake caused significant damage to the region’s historic buildings and heritage sites. A cracked wall in Ferrara’s municipal building revealed a hidden treasure—cans of old film. Could this be the long lost silent film made by the legendary Lumini brothers of Ferrara in the early 1920s?
“Love Among the Ruins” is about the miraculous discovery of the long lost silent film and the intriguing speculation of its fate—all of which are explored by the filmmaker through interviews with some of the world’s top film historians, archivists, critics and professors. Can the deteriorated film be repaired so that new audiences around the world can watch the moving story of two lovers caught in the events of World War I? A 90-year old film is meticulously restored for audiences of today with a story as relevant for today’s viewers as it was nearly a century ago.