Dirty Face Angels (first feature)

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Dirty Face Angels

Dirty Face Angels

original title:

Dirty Face Angels

italian title:

Gli angeli dalla faccia sporca

directed by:



set design:

costume design:

Puhl Mary Daniel






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Nearby the splendid setting of the Ancient Appia (Rome), Giorgio Ricciardi, head of an aristocratic family, takes care of great transitions on behalf of shady fellows. He is married with his second wife Nina, a very young sicilian woman. His first wife, Katia, gave him three sons: Vince, the elder one, who frequents doubtful company and gambling; Francesca, detached from her family aristocratic condition; Carlo, the younger son, who suffers from epilepsy, reason of embarrassment and alienation of Giorgio, more close inside his dimension in which he prescribes his own rules of his alienating detachment. The historic resicence is run by Elena, the housekeeper who doesn't approve the presence of Giorgio's young wife. Elena is attached to Luca, the cook with whom she lives a twisted and intimate relationship made by reciprocal teasing, a way to show their dominion inside their own space. Inside the urban context, there are various shady characters: On one side the so-called "Neighbourhood Bosses", Frank and Bellezza, involved in a strange affair of shareholding parts that have been subtracted thanks to the decisions of Ricciardi, agreed with the Honourable De Falco, chronic double-dealer, representative of an institutional sphere tied to money. On the other side we find "The Fools": Rocco, hard-fought by a difficult relationship with his sister Erika, Vince's bedmate; then Troncky, Spinetta and Selene. These last ones frequent Rocco and act as paradoxical figures in the urban context. They follow the orders of a dogsdoby known as Jaco, a neighbourhood pusher infatuated with Francesca. An other, but not less important character is Malvi "The Daft" who walks around the city streets like a soul in pain, typical of those social outcast who try to redeem aloud their lost purity. In the shadow of the affair conducted by De Falco and supported by his sneaky bodyguard Rico, many of these figures like Vince, with the complicity of Alex, sister of Erika and Rocca, will interfere with each other till to create misunderstandings that will urge as a clockwork, untill the tragic end where everyone, inevitably, will pay his own price.