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Faces (Volti)

Faces (Volti)

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Ready (10/01/2013)

festivals & awards:

  • Newport Beach Film Festival 2013: Shorts
  • The Lecce European Film Festival 2013: Puglia Show
  • Washington Independent Film Festival 2013: Best Live Action Short;
  • Muestra De Cine International De Palencia 2013
  • Festival Du Cinema Européen de Lille 2013
  • Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival 2013
  • SouthSide Film Festival 2013
  • Foggia Film Festival 2013
  • Salento Finibus Terrae 2013: Best Short Human Rights
  • Sardinia Film Festival 2013
  • Opuzen Film Festival 2013: Best Short
  • SHQIP International Film Festival 2013
  • MoliseCinema 2013
  • Ariano International Film Festival 2013: Third Prize
  • Vicoli Corti 2013
  • Trani Film Festival 2013: Audience Award
  • Indie Spirit Film Festival 2013
  • Sciacca Film Fest 2013
  • Lowcountry Shorts Fest 2013
  • Concorso Nazionale "Premio Marzocco" 2013
  • International Right Film Festival STEPS 2013
  • Sukagawa International Short Film Festival 2013
  • International festival of Documentary and Short Film "Prvi kadar"-East Sarajevo 2013
  • Fer Film Kosovo International Film Festival 2013
  • International TV Festival BAR 2013
  • Malatya International film Festival ) 2013
  • Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes FENACO 2013
  • Asti Film Festival 2013
  • Festival Internazional del cortometraggio "Scrittura e Immagine" 2013
  • Grand Junction Film Festival 2014
  • Green Bay Film Festival 2014: Best Cinematographer
  • Richmond International Film Festival 2014
  • Vibgyor International Short and Documentary Film Festival 2014
  • Jozi Film Festival 2014
  • Festival Mundial de Cine Extremo "San Sebastian Veracruz" 2014
  • ClujShorts International Short Film Festival 2014
  • San Luis Obispo International Film Festival 2014
  • Charleston International Film Festival 2014
  • Big Muddy Film Festival 2014
  • Festival International Cinéma Méditerranéen Tétouan 2014: Gran Prix de la Ville Tétouan
  • International Children's Film Festival Bangladesh 2014
  • Gold Elephant World International Film and Music Festival 2014: Special Prize Festival del cinema Indipendente di Foggia 2014
  • Videomaker Film Festival 2014
  • New York City International Film Festival 2014
  • Semana Internacional de Cine de Autor de Lugo 2014
  • Athens International Short Film Festival Psarokokalo 2014
  • LIIFE Long Island International Film Expo 2014
  • Social World Film Festival 2014
  • Corto e Cultura 2014: Best Music
  • Tetova International Film Festival ODA 2014: Special Award For Human Values
  • Watch Out Tetovo Film Festival 2014
  • DEA Open Air International Film Festival 2014: Award of Media
  • The Frederick Film Festival 2014
  • Festival de Cine de Alicante 2014
  • International Festival of Local Televisions 2014: Honorable Mention of Jury
  • 360 Taratsa Film Festival 2014
  • Film Festival Unlimited Erice 2014
  • International Film Festival Seize This Day With me/seize the film 2014: Best Film
  • Sopot International Film Festival 2014
  • International Film Festival of Patmos 2014
  • Twin Rivers Film Festival 2014
  • No Gloss Film Festival 2014
  • El Saman Festicine Video Imagen De Viterbo 2014
  • Kazan Muslim International Film Festival 2014
  • Indifferenti Concorso per Cortometraggi 2014
  • Gwangju International Film Festival 2014
  • cinemaFest San Luis Potosì 2014
  • Bovino Independent Film Festival 2014: Special Mention
  • Indiana Short Film Festival 2014
  • Portobello Film Festival 2014
  • Cincinnati Film Festival 2014
  • Northern Wave Film Festival 2014
  • Louisville's International Festival of Film 2014
  • Film Festival Size this Day With me 2014
  • Orlando Film Festival 2014
  • Zimbabwe International Film Festival 2014: Best Actor (Giorgio Colangeli), Special Jury Prize
  • OtherMovie Lugano Film Festival 2014: Gran Prix
  • Festival de Cine La imagen de Los Pueblos 2014
  • Festival Interncaional de Cine de Villavicencio 2014
  • Bolzano Short Film Festival 2014
  • Filofest International Student and Video Festival 2014
  • Srebrenica Short Film Festival 2014
  • IndieFilm Depot 2014
  • Derechoshumanos Muestra Internacional de Cortos y Mediometrajes 2014
  • Euro in Film Festival of the European and Independent Film 2014

Riccardo, a boy of ten with Down syndrome, has one burning passion: the theatre. He lives in a backwater town, home to a small theatre company complete with Director, a noble inheritor of the small-town venue, and Mr. De Angelis, officially usher yet essentially jack-of-all-trades who regularly proposes the performances of the talented young actor, Mattia.
The youthful Riccardo sneaks into the theatre every afternoon, with the complicity of Mr. De Angelis, to witness his favourite actor, Mattia, in the flesh as he prepares for a show inspired by French actor and mime artist, Marcel Marceau. Mattia is the holder of a big secret, hidden from nearly everyone in the small town, the Director and the young Riccardo. The only one with any inkling is Mr. De Angelis.

The goal of "Volti", both direct and raw, is that of reflecting on issues of integration processes with the '"other", proposing an attempt to reflect on denied, yet necessary, moral processes, in order to arrive at a recognition of the "other".
The "otherness" specifically treated in the film is that of disability. The work thus proposes itself as an investigation of those integration mechanisms that may develop within the relationship between the able-bodied and the disabled, aiming to engage in reflection on the obstacles that may prevent integration as a concrete reality.
Such integration is, in this case, based on the weak boundary between ability/inability. It is for this reason, I believe, that the integration of the able-bodied and those with disabilities is, above all, a cultural and moral process. In recognizing the skills of others, the tangible proof of the instability of a boundary relating to the assumed unique ability of the able-bodied is borne out which, in turn, generates a real bias that prevents de facto relationships with the '"other".
I believe both human and existential potential must be cultivated with honesty. Rather than considering those with disabilities as exclusively representing an existence with evidence of a condition, we should perhaps feel a moral duty not to deny such conditions, maintaining a "reality principle" as well as recognizing untapped potential, the potential indiscriminately characterizing every life, every being: the human race itself.
It is the moral consideration of potential, of the existing concealed capacity of the individual with disabilities, and people in a general sense, which could shape real moral foundations and cultural integration.