Educazione affettiva

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Educazione affettiva

Educazione affettiva

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Educazione affettiva


Saverio Lanza, Marco Lanza


Ardaco, in collaboration with Scuola Città Pestalozzi, Regione Toscana, Toscana Film Commission





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festivals & awards:

  • Festival dei Popoli 2013: Special Event
  • Lucca FilmFestival 2014: Special Event
  • Sguardi sul reale, Festival del cinema documentario 2014: Special Event

It’s the final days of class in the last year of elementary school. The end is near. Everyone in the class is wondering what will happen next. Among the many emotions swirling around in this moment is fear of the future. This fear is most prevalent in Giulia. She is loved by everyone but is unable to express her true emotions and spends much of her time in an imaginary world.
Her emotions, together with those of her classmates, are present in the daily life of the class and they narrate the mysterious and pure universe of the students who are no longer children but not yet adolescents.
On a school trip they see Nuovo Cinema Paradiso: it changes Giulia’s life. After this revelation, everything which surrounds her becomes part of a film about her class and two teachers. The students and adults live together, day after day, this moment of inevitable passage. This transition is full of joy, fears and suffering, which lead the children towards a new world full of unknown experiences.
“I think about the future too much. Since I am a girl in the 5th grade of elementary school, my future is middle school and then high school. My father always says to just think about the present but I can’t and I don’t even know why. These days I hear things which worry me like, “ failing grades”… Why me? Why me? I don’t want to go into the future!”