Watch Them Fall (first feature)

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Watch Them Fall

Watch Them Fall

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Watch Them Fall

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MARTI is a famous war photographer, but after his last trip to Syria, where he was severely wounded, is no longer the same. Marti suffers from a serious form of depression: he seems bringing inside him the weight of an experience that he can’t share with anyone and the relationship with his wife TAYRA is rapidly deteriorating. To try to solve this situation and to stop the antidepressants, Marti decide to undergo a session of shamanic hypnosis run by the chinese Dr. WONG. But what was supposed to be a cure-based sweet oriental medicine turns out to be the entry into a world of hallucinations and increasingly brutal violence. The reality starts to get out of his hand and many are the times in which he crosses the threshold between the world of the dead and of the living to see the faults of the past and open up to a new future. Set in a dystopian and obscure New York, WATCH THEM FALL is the story of a man in free fall, a man who knows he has only one chance to do the right thing and redeem the sins of the past, even at the cost of his own life.