See you in Texas (first feature)

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See you in Texas

See you in Texas

See you in Texas

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See you in Texas

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Silvia and Andrea are a little over twenty years old and they’re in love. They live in Trentino. Just like most kids that age, they love to club with friends and they’re constantly connected through social networks.
Unlike their friends, the day after a wild night, they will not be able to sleep late, but they have to wake up at dawn.
The two own a farm and their days are indeed marked by a relentless routine.
In addition to her passion for animals, Silvia is also passionate about reining, which is an equestrian discipline for which she trains very hard. When the opportunity comes for Silvia to go perfect her skills on a ranch in Texas, she has a crisis and doesn’t know what to do: leave and drop everything behind or stay?

Y Generation stands for that generation born at the turn of the Millennium. Those who were born between the mid eighties and early two thousands are also called the internet generation as they have great confidence with digital technologies, new communications devices and social networks. This film aims to tell and discover a nowadays story that maintains indissoluble (and sometimes unpredictable) bonds with the past. The characters show through their ordinary and at the same time abnormal life what really means to be the Millennium Guys. The two protagonists Sivlia and Andrea are farmers and cheese makers. They live in a small village called Roncone in Trentino. Even though they seem to be so relegated in the valley and tied to the rhythms of the earth and farm Sivlia and Andrea are far from being excluded from the rest of the world. They are continuously connected, informed and updated often only by the use of a smart phone since they haven’t got the chance to travel. They practice a profession considered to be obsolete, unsuitable for young people, a profession intended to gradually disappear but that through them will instead bring to a redefinition to the vision of the global labour market. Trentino not only is hanging in balance between modernity and tradition but it’s in a peculiar situation facing the lowest percentage of unemployment in Italy with an economy based largely on the agricultural sector and small and medium enterprise. The protagonists live a “normal” life made of joys, sacrifice, concerns, celebrations dilemmas and awareness. They interpret the zeitgeist giving at the same time an exceptional and universal example. But, is this the life they really want? Have they got any chance to do otherwise? Y Generation intends to talk about the youth generations nowadays through the story of these two out of ordinary guys. Silvia and Andrea’s experience is an extreme example of the tension and daily intersection between the digital society and the family and territorial tradition in a dimension still highly connected to the land and it’s natural cycles. Beside the breeding farm the pigs and the chickens, Silvia and Andrea are dedicated to horses and are both passionate about reining, a unique equestrian discipline form America. This film aims to tell about the identity research young people belonging to Y generation looks for, and the physiological indecision to deal with important choices which will be decisive for their path not only workwise but humanly. Fantasies, dreams and aspirations that strongly crashes with reality, wit the need “to be part of this world”. I wanted to represent this slice of society involving two guys who basically interpret themselves, including their personal experience, their past, keeping the narrative in a constant precarious balance between reality and fiction. In fact sometimes the film had to fit the lives of the two guys rather than the other way round, reason why reality often interfered with the predetermined line of the story, directing it and making it richer and more complex. During the filming crew was minimized in order to be as less invasive as possible, so to restore the sensitivity of certain dynamics together with the harshness of mountain life and work in contact with nature which is often hostile. I chose winter as a season to take advantage of the conditions of the landscape particularly evocative at this time of the year as well as the delicate and challenging farm life during winter, also supported by the co-author and director of photography who knows the protagonists and is familiar with the light conditions as he already worked in the area. Y Generation is a nowadays story, modern honest and faithful to the constant evolution of society even though is told in the form of a fairy tale.