One Kiss (second feature)

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One Kiss (Un bacio)

original title:

Un bacio

directed by:


Ivan Cotroneo, from his novel with the same title


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Lorenzo, Blu and Antonio are three High School sophomores in a small city in the North of Italy. For three unique reasons, they are all outsiders.
Antonio, 16 years old, is a well-built young man and a key player for his basketball team. Off the court though, he is seen as dense and dull on account of his speech impediment. The whole school makes fun of him constantly for it. Girls don’t give him a chance and his teammates all think he’s stupid.
Blu has just moved back to town. Every day on her walk to school she gets a rude reminder of what the entire community thinks of her by reading graffiti on the walls. One year ago she was caught having sex with her boyfriend and three other friends in a garage. Now the other girls at school avoid her and guys constantly harass her for easy sex.
Then there’s Lorenzo who joins the class halfway through the academic year. He’s 15, gay and has recently been adopted. He goes against the grain in every way but most noticeably in how he dresses: eccentric and colorful. In his imagination he sees himself as a star despite the homophobic insults he receives from the moment he arrives at his new school.
Antonio, Blu and Lorenzo quickly become best friends and find in their friendship the strength to fend off insults and the bullies who sling them.
But when, one day, Lorenzo makes evident his attraction toward Antonio and tries to approach him, Antonio, who’s in love with Blu, pushes Lorenzo away violently.
From that moment on, everything changes. The three friends are divided and played against one another by the other students towards yet not hopeless ending.