Una nobile causa

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original title:

Una nobile causa

directed by:



Luca Bozzato

set design:


Tommy Fanton


Rebecca Basso


Running TV International, with the support of Regione Veneto







release date:


Gloria, a strong-willed woman and mother of two, wins 1 million Euro gambling at the casino. Her husband and children, being well aware of Gloria's weakness for gambling, persuade her to go to a psychologist, hoping to prevent her from spending the winnings. They decide to go to the renowned Fabio Macchiavelli who, in order to help the woman, tells her about an old patient of his: Alvise Fantin. He is a nobleman from Venice, unemployed and impoverished by gambling. He is a kind man with good manners, but when he's in front of a slot machine or inside a casino he loses touch with reality. Alvise tries to find the money he owes in the most creative, desperate and daring ways, more out of desire to "save face" than to pay his debts. However, one day he cheats the wrong person and, due also to his mom involvement, who does not approve of his ways, he will have to repay his entire debt by doing a humble and honest job. In this new condition, Alvise is clumsy, having to face absurd and hilarious situations. Will Alvise be able to get used to his new job and to overcome his weakness for gambling? What about the psychologist? Will he be able to help Gloria and her family?

This story explores compulsive gambling, one of the evils of our times. The purpose of the film is to raise awareness among the public on this problem, and to walk through the labyrinth of lie and truth that the gambler crosses, highlighting also the social problems that it creates. The purpose of the film is not to offer a solution, but to show that this is a real problem, which is becoming ever more worrying. The plot shows the seriousness of this problem in a clear but not traumatic way, making clear that the first step towards healing is to become aware of one’s problem.