Animali nella Grande Guerra

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Animali nella Grande Guerra

Animali nella Grande Guerra

original title:

Animali nella Grande Guerra

directed by:


Marino Maranzana



Red Film, Luce Cinecittà, in association with BNL Gruppo BNP Paribas, with the support of Trentino Film Commission





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In the First World War, alongside the men fought an army of animals. Mules, oxen, dogs, horses, pigs, pigeons were used for moving units and materials, communications, and for the support of the troops. The forced cohabitation with men closer to each other in a possible fate of death and suffering: officers and enlisted men had the opportunity to give and receive affection, but also to deal with beings weak and completely dependent on their . Animals in the Great War offers an unconventional story of dramatic conflict, through letters, diaries and photographs taken by the fighters, and collected in the book that Lucio Fabi has derived from his research, The good soldier mule (ed. MURSIA). A documentary rebuild memories, stories, episodes of real life relationship, in and out of the trench, between humans and animals, including incredible moments of absolute serenity and tenderness, alternating the background of one of the most tragic periods in modern history.