Anywhere You Will (first feature)

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Anywhere You Will (Ovunque tu sarai)

Anywhere You Will (Ovunque tu sarai)

original title:

Ovunque tu sarai

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Camaleo Film, supported by Ministero della Cultura, Ulula Film, with the support of Roma Lazio Film Commission






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March 2008. Four friends. Francesco, Carlo, Loco and Giordano, passionate of soccer and fan of the team “AS Roma”, decide to travel four days toward Madrid to see the fourth round against “Real Madrid” , using the transfer as an excuse to live the bachelor party of Francesco, but more importantly to do a trip all together. In their path they cross Pilar, a splendid spanish singer whom, unaware, brings chaos inside the group ,bringing out doubts and insecurities.
“Ovunque tu sarai” is a comedy which talks principally about friendship and love, travels and hopes, full of turns and extremely funny situations, but also conflicts inside a group of friends where soccer is just the frame of everything. The usual point of view is turned upside down and the main characters aren’t teams and players, but the four guys whom are suffering and cheering with purity and irrationality for soccer, beyond any sense of belonging. But cheering is not just a metaphor of their life; like on a mirror, the four protagonists are reflected on each others, every of them with their dreams, hopes and life philosophies.
A trip that like often happens, becomes a crossway for the four protagonists which are in a crucial point of their life for their own different reasons.
After many problems our friends reach Madrid, final goal of their trip, and they are different from the beginning of the travel. The path and what brought them in their life and relations, it comes out more important of the final outcome of a game that has been waited for a long time.
And then nothing will be like before.