The Asteroids (first feature)

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The Asteroids (Gli asteroidi)

The Asteroids (Gli asteroidi)

The Asteroids (Gli asteroidi)

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Gli asteroidi

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Lorenzo Esposito Fornasari, Lo Stato Sociale





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In an industrial province made up of broad fields and abandoned warehouses, a series of thefts in churches is carried out by the elusive "candelabra gang" while a large asteroid is looming above. As the "end of the world" approaches, 19-year-old rebellious Pietro and Ivan take part in one final theft.

Asteroids are made of the same material as planets, which they gravitate around without ever finding a stable home: they get lost unpredictably, sometimes risking violent collisions. This is the image I'd like to begin with: two young men wandering around the provinces, roaming like asteroids through a cosmos that rejects them, that they can't or don't know how to recognize. In this film I'd like to tell the story of the crucial days that mark their facing the world.
When: the economic crisis that for some years now has made itself known with an annihilating force. Where: Provincial Italy, in an industrial area of the flat Po Valley, wealthy and developed in the past but now hit by a disease that has struck deep within the lives and relationships of each character in the film. The area is intriguing with its vast landscapes, which outside of the cities becomes more and more difficult to delineate, offshoots of the suburbs themselves. I like to think that we can transform this seemingly unattractive landscape into the setting for a compelling narrative, as I’ve done in my previous films. Growing up as children in this environment is tantamount to living in a new world, a strange, detached territory. It's a world that I know well because it’s where I grew up.