White Flowers

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White Flowers

original title:

White Flowers


set design:

Junko Mori

costume design:

Junko Mori





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HD - colour

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Rome, a man wakes up in a hotel room. He has a wound in the head and a gun, but no recollection of his identity or past life.
Soon he realizes he is in danger, chased by someone who wants to kill him.
Yuki is a young illustrator of children’s books who lives in Kyoto. Since the death of her Italian boyfriend, she has lost the power of speech, but has developed extrasensory abilities that allow her to see the dead and communicate with their spirits. After her boyfriend appears to her in a dream, she decides to go out to Italy and look for a legendary island where people can find the things they have lost.

In Rome, Yuki meets the man with no memory. She tells him that there is the ghost of a young Japanese woman constantly by his side.
The man and Yuki establish a relationship of tenderness and care. The man finds out he was a former police chief who had resigned after the murder of his wife by some criminals acting out of retaliation.
After disappearing without leaving a trace and committing murder in revenge, he is now not only in danger, but on the run from the police.
The man decides to drive away with Yuko and start a journey that leads them to the legendary island. There they will eventually find what they have lost and rejoin, each in their own way, their loved ones.