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Fabio Grimaldi, Teresa Campusì, Cristiano Battista, Andrei Donosa, Valeria Maiorano, Simone Pallotta







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Ready (08/05/2015)

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Fabio is a teenager boy of San Basilio, one of the most difficult and problematic Roman suburbs. Fabio has an artistic flair and a sensitive nature, but in San Basilio there is little space for art and the only way to escape is drugs, so, like many of his friends Fabio starts to make use of pills, until is arrested by the police. However, thanks to its artistic skills Fabio manages to avoid the reformatory and is, instead, sentenced to six months of community service.
Teresa, on the other hand, has just arrived from Sardinia, she's a social worker for the cultural association "WALLS", and she will follow the creation of four murals on as many facades of some buildings of the neighborhood by the hand of two international artists.
It will be here that Fabio and Teresa will be known. The initial suspicion will soon turn into falling in love, for Fabio Teresa will became a point of reference, the first bearer of a real change in his life.
Like Fabio, also the entire district of San Basilio is desperately trying to change, to move away from the tragic news reports that have out too far long characterized the area, they want to provide a better future for their children. And the large mural along the main roads of the neighborhood are just that, the desire to give a cut to the past, the hope of a revival.
But Fabio will be able to choose another road? And the neighborhood of "SanBa" will be able to change?