Camminando nel cielo

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Camminando nel cielo

Camminando nel cielo

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Camminando nel cielo

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After the summer holidays, a boy named Alessio goes back to school on a wheelchair because of a street accident. Although Alessio tries to maintain his good mood and his love for life, the new reality gives him a lot of difficulties in the relationships with friends and girls, and a lot of problems in the practical daily needs, particularly for the architectural barriers, including a wall that no one decides to bring down and that separates Alessio from the courtyard of the school. Alessio’s friends try not to make him feel different, while Ricky, the school bully, constantly humiliates him. After the problematic efforts to live a love affair with a girl named Giulia he met during the pool therapy, Alessio finds comfort in the hang gliding. One day, during a police search, Ricky hides some doses of hashish in the backpack of Alessio, who takes the blame; everyone knows Ricky is the one to blame but he denies the charge and is therefore abandoned by all. When Ricky returns to school after an absence of several days due to a suspension, he doesn’t find anyone, gets angry for his own mistakes, and dashes off down the corridors of the school with a big hammer; but his intentions are not threatening: out in the yard, Ricky runs to the wall that forbade the passage of Alessio and knocks it down. Alessio, who was busy in a school assembly along with the other schoolmates, reaches Ricky, and the two hug.