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Parents (Genitori)

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Nefertiti Film, Rai Cinema, in association with Banca Friuladria-Crédit Agricole, with the support of Fondo per l’Audiovisivo del Friuli Venezia Giulia, Rotary International Distretto 2060, Associazione Vivere Insieme, Friuli Venezia Giulia Film Commission

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For the last sixteen years a group of parents (12 mothers and 2 father) have gotten together every fifteen days to talk about their daily lives and to find achievable and effective solutions to better the lives of their disabled children. After so many years, the group has become a micro-society with its own equilibrium and in sharing the dedication they all have to their disabled children, the group has also become a family, especially for those parents who even though have since lost their children, keep coming to the group, precisely because in doing so they can “continue to feel that their loved ones are still alive”.
Helping to be helped, and helping oneself by taking care of others are the founding concepts of this group.
Regrets, fears, guilt, joy, anger, sharing and achievable solutions are the ingredients which make up the 60 minutes in which this group of people sit in a circle and identify that comparison and sharing are the common goods that can help to better their lives.
“Parents” is a documentary film about the value of sharing our very suffering. The film aims to be a permanently informative project, to give hope to those who think they are alone and forgotten, and to get them involved in going out to meet others, who however different they might seem, have gone through the same experiences, the same emotions and the same need for hope.
The members of the group arrive at the meeting every fifteen days carrying the heavy burden of their everyday reality, but return home with a smile and ready again to face their daily lives: thus, that which might seem like a problem is transformed into something good, into a resource.