Moj Brate - Mio fratello

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Moj Brate - Mio fratello

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Moj Brate - Mio fratello


Stefano Gabrini, Marco Musacchio, Hamica Nametak, Karen Tomashavsky, William Anselmi, Vincenzo Maselli, Deb Joly


CSC - Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, with the support of Regione Abruzzo





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The director Stefano Gabrini crosses and retraces the places and feelings of his close friend Alberto Musacchio: actor, clown e archeologist, suicidal in 2001. After his film “Il Gioco delle ombre”, in 1996 Stefano asked Alberto to go with him to Bosnia, where they organised theatre laboratories for chil-dren and adolescents shocked by war.
After 14 years Stefano has contacted friends, parents, relatives, a story that extends in space and time. First Roma, then Bosnia, and in the end Canada, where in the last years of his life Alberto taught and studied. He loved these places, and wrote a letter asking that his ashes were kept in the nature of this wonderful country.
Stories about broken lives that still feel never pacified emotions: a cousin who saves his ashes, the ashes that Alberto’s mother brought back to Italy. A brother that still fells pain in his soul. A Mostar actor and his nostalgia. And then Alberto's loves, women who hide themselves. The pain remains, simply the pain. Everything is suspended.

Through the cinematic medium, I decided to take the uncomfortable and fascinating role of narrator. It is a story that with its suspended, his silences and his emotions makes us all share about the dynamics pertaining to the seductive unresolved question of why? In this frantic search, I set myself as an observer discreet. Subject nonjudgmental conscious. How-ever, that with his presence produces 'look' and ‘action’. In the analytical logic of reviving the already done, already crossed, I want to communicate and express my closeness to the given phe-nomenal: perhaps a why? exists, but only because we plan the question. First it is only a act, an happened, a damn. Naturally with the empty that a suicide, or simply the disappearance of a loved one, leaves in those who remains.