The never ending factory of the Duomo

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The never ending factory of the Duomo (L'infinita fabbrica del Duomo)

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L'infinita fabbrica del Duomo






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“L‟infinita Fabbrica del Duomo” tells the story of the birth and the ongoing maintenance of the Milan Cathedral through the centuries. First act of the tetralogy "Spira Mirabilis" which deals with the concept of immortality through the elements of nature, L‟infinita Fabbrica del Duomo represents the element of the earth.
Through a poetic perspective and a strong visual impact, the film follows the stages and the work that the preservation of the Cathedral requires: from the extraction of marble, to the marble yard, the Historical Archives, the Cathedral itself.
Stonemasons, bricklayers, carpenters, blacksmiths, restorers, goldsmiths: this extraordinary, but steady, concentration of activity is filmed in relation with the sanctity of a monument that lives times, rhythms, calendars, aspirations that transcend the human labor and takes a new symbolic value.

The anonymous, humble and daily care that a structure such as the Duomo required in the past and still requires today, reveals the great human capacity that is able to transcend time and generations and to comprehend a great humanist sentiment.
“L‟infinita fabbrica del duomo” is a visual poem, an epic of humble men, a film that tries to return a drawing so varied and complex, a design whose secret passages can not be forced or opened by a simple will, but that can be only suggested by the power of a story through images.
Try to film and return the care, the diligence and the beauty of time and human stories is the challenge of our movie.