The Flower of Evil

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original title:

I fiori del male

directed by:


Flora Vona, Mario De Candia, Antonio Friello, Graziano Scarabicchi, Prospero Richelmy, Pasquale Greco, Francesco Castiglione, Rita Charbonnier, Donatella Pandimiglio, Cristiano Priori



Daniele Massa

set design:

Matteo la Torre

costume design:






film run:




festivals & awards:

  • Calcata Film Festival 2016

Three portraits. Three women. Three courtesans. Through three centuries, from the '500 to the first '900.
Veronica, Margaret, and Greta are female characters who really existed and made history, but caught for a moment out of it. In a vacuum, either in reality or in the imagination, in that place where anything could have happened. In an ancient palace of Lords, in a room almost completely empty (a table-desk, a chaise-longue, a four-poster bed, a few items of furniture), whose frescoes of another era now fall to pieces, they - each of them - over the course of its history film, meet some characters of their lives. Men and women who have contributed to, for better or for worse, in the vices and virtues, in good times and bad luck, their lives. A gallery held together by a single theme: love sacred and profane love and the impossible compatibility between them the Sex and the flesh or the soul and the spirit? Introduced and presented by a Master of Ceremonies in tails, which directs and marks in its own way the narrative , the protagonists discover that true love can not conjugate but with the chastity of passion and / or death.