Cronaca di una passione

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Cronaca di una passione

Cronaca di una passione

original title:

Cronaca di una passione

directed by:



set design:

Alessandra Panconi, Leonardo Conte

costume design:

Teresa Acone, Mara Bordigoni






film run:




release date:


festivals & awards:

  • BIF&ST – Bari International Film& Festival 2017: Evento speciale
  • Teheran Urban International Film festival 2017: in Competition - Best Fiction Film, Best Director, Best Actress (Valeria Ciangottini)
  • Social Word Film Festival 2017: in Competition
  • Eurasia International Monthly Film Festival 2017: Best Feature Film, Best Actor

Giovanni and Anna are a married couple in their sixties who have lived together all their lives, with honestly and dignity. They both work in a trattoria in the small provincial town where they live; the restaurant is run by Anna, and Giovanni also works there, having been made redundant. However, in the past few years the economic crisis has hit town and work, Anna has not been able to keep up her payments and she has accumulated a debt with the tax authorities. Now there’s a nasty demand for payment hanging over her, which the couple have no idea how to pay. Until the tax collection agency decides for them and demands the repossession of their home and its sale by auction. For Giovanni and Anna this marks the beginning of an inexorable ordeal which will lead them to lose first their home, then their work, and ultimately their privacy. Transferred to a group home by the social services, forced to live apart and in degrading conditions, the spouses will do anything to get their lives back. And when it’s their dignity that’s on the line, they choose an extreme solution.