Three the Movie (first feature)

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Three the Movie

Three the Movie

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Three the Movie


Massimiliano Grazioli, Alberto Torquati, Vivianne Treschow, Werner Di Donato, Chiara Pavoni, Saverio Indrio, Ivan Senin, Edoardo Sguazzin, Alejandro Paitun Flocco, Caterina Zampieri, Luigi Nardini




Roberto Salvalaio






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HD - colour

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festivals & awards:

  • Women’s Only Enterteinment Film 2015: Best Trailer
  • Barcelona Planet Film Festival 2015: Official Selection Feature Films Competition, Trailer
  • Los Angeles Cinefest 2015: Official Selection - Best Feature
  • The Online Film Festival 2015: Official Selection
  • The Monthly Film Festival 2015: Official Selection
  • Wendy's Shorts 2015: Official Selection - Best International trailer for a feature Film
  • All Seas Film Festival 2015: Official Selection
  • 12 Months Film Festival 2015: Best Feature Fictions
  • Martinique International Film Festival 2015: Official Selection
  • SPFW Indie Film Festival 2015: Official Selection
  • Interurban Film Festival 2016: Official Selection
  • Direct Short & Documentary Film Festival 2016: Official Selection
  • Direct Monthly Online Film Festival 2016: Official Selection
  • Miami Indipendent Film Festival 2016: Official Selection
  • Madhouse Movies Film Festival 2016: Official Selection
  • Franklin County International Film Festival 2016: Official Selection
  • Down East Flick Fest 2016: Official Selection
  • Near Nazareth Film Festival 2016: Official Selection
  • Euro Fest European International FF: 2016: Official Selection
  • Blackbird Film Fest 2016: Official Selection Experimental Movies
  • London Shows Film Festival 2016: Official Selection
  • Indiepossible International Film Festival And Screenplay: Best Editin
  • International Open Film Festival 2016: Trailer - Award of Recognition
  • Colortape International Film Festival 2016: Best Performing Group and Cast, Honorary Mention Award, Online Viewers Choice Award
  • International Film Festival of Spirituality, Religion And Visionary 2016: International awards of excellence: Best Film, Best Director, Best Producer; Outstanding awards of excellence: Best Music, Best Newcomer, Best Sound
  • Utah Music Award 2016: Official Nominee
  • Indiewise Free Virtual Festival 2016: Official Selection
  • Amsterdam Lift-Off Online 2016: Official Selection
  • New York Film Week 2016: Experimental Film Official Selection
  • Blow Up Chicago International Arthouse Film Festival 2016: Official Selection
  • Hamilton Film Festival 2016: Nominee
  • IPAMA - International Performing Arts & Movie Arts 2016: International Diamonds Awards for Director and Music, International Platinum Award for Story, International Gold Award for Scriptwriter and Editor
  • Canada Independent Film Festival 2017: Feature – Best Feature Film
  • Vancouver Dance Film Festival 2017: Best Inspirational Film
  • Eurovision Palermo Film Festival 2017: Best Woman Filmaker
  • Move Me Prouction Belgium International Film Festival 2017: Best Actor Feature Film
  • TMFF 2017: 3rd Place Best Feature
  • 12Months Film Festival 2017: Best Feature Fiction
  • Hong Kong National Film Festival 2017: Nominated
  • CayFilm Festival 2017: Nominated
  • London Classic Film Festival 2017: Official Selection
  • Mediterrian Film Festival 2017: Official Selection
  • Shawna Shea Memorial Film Festival 2017: Official Selection -  Best International Film
  • Toronto international independent Film Festival: Official Selection
  • AAB International Film Festival 2018: Official Selection
  • STIFF San Mauro Torinese Film Festival 2018: Semi-Finalist
  • NYCIFIF New York iInternational Film in Fest 2018: Best Experimental Feature Film
  • Accolade Global Film Competition 2021:Excellence Award Feature Film, Excellence Award Editing
  • Cult Critic Movie Awards 2021: Nomination for Jean Luc Godard Award, Best Soundtrack, Best Sound Design, Special Award for Debut Filmaker
  • Virgin Spring Cinefest 2021:Gold Award Debut Film
  • Golden Galaxy Award 2021: Nomination
  • The Gladiator Film Festival 2021: Best Director
  • Portugal International Film Festival 2021: Special Jury Award
  • Universal Film Festival 2021: Semi-Finalist
  • Hollywood Venus Awards 2021: Best Experimental Feature

The number three is everything in this movie. Three and its multiples. Archaic, spiritual, transcendent numbers. Three, Six, Nine. Carriers of wisdom that heart of theological monotheisms. Three, the Christian Trinity. Six, the tips of the of David, Jewish Star. Nine, the face of God to the Sufi traditions, according to the Islamic culture. Three stories are intertwined in a land, Friuli, which extends along a triple border. The stories of Irene, a Carnian, Christian girl; Pavel, Ukrainian and jew; Mehdi, Iranian and Muslim.

Udine. A beautiful city, but it’s perceived as cold and inhospitable by aliens. Pavel and Mehdi are illegal immigrants, who share an apartment and concern about social matters - in the “ghetto” of Via Roma. In love with Pavel, Irene tries to help them, but her surge of solidarity perhaps goes too far, and she regrets it... Mehdi lives being obsessed with an ancient guilt: his fragile soul is attracted to Evil...
"Above” them, the incarnation of metaphysical realities that rule the existence of men, three antagonists who raise the total number of charachters to six. I’m an old blind man, able to see beyond the phenomenal reality: an incarnation of Purgatory, the suffering of men waiting for a change of status. Monsignor Angelo is Paradise, the spiritual father of Irene, which advises, rebukes, protects ... A mysterious, provocative, sensual, poisonous woman is the Evil, the Hell.
A triad of other figures raises the number of characters to nine: the novice Edo, who takes responsability for dealing with Pavel’s situation; Omar, a false friend who tries to corrupt the integrity of Mehdi; the Angel of the North, a figure originated in the Koranic tradition: it can be seen, sometimes behind the characters. Then, ten, a little girl...
Predestination and moral choice. Two alternatives? Subjection to freedom of Good or Evil. What will the protagonists choose?