L'esodo (first feature)

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Tiziana Tirabalza






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festivals & awards:

  • Globi d'Oro 2018: Grand Prix
  • Les rencontres du cinéma italien à Toulouse 2018: Compétition - Mention spéciale du Jury
  • Artelesia Film Festival 2016
  • Festival delle Cerase 2018: Miglior Attrice Daniela Poggi
  • Cyprus Italian Film Festival 2018: Miglior Film
  • Asti Film Festival 2018: Miglior Attrice Daniela Poggi
  • Foggia Film Festival 2018: Miglior Film
  • Festival Internazionale Inventa un Film di Lenola 2018: Miglior Film, Premio del Pubblico
  • Santa Marinella Film Festival 2017Miglior Attrice Protagonista Daniela Poggi e Miglior colonna sonora a Roberto Ulino
  • Villammare film festival 2017– Miglior Opera Prima Ciro Formisano, Miglior Attrice protagonista Daniela Poggi
  • Terra di Siena Film Festival 2017: Gran Premio della Giuria
  • Napoli Film Festival 2017: Premio Miglior Attrice protagonista a Daniela Poggi
  • GioFilmFest di Fano 2018: Miglior Film e Miglior Attrice Protagonista Daniela Poggi
  • Festival dei Castelli Romani 2018: Miglior Regia

2012 year of the technical government Monti for the severe economic crisis of Italy. Francesca (Daniela Poggi) 59 years old is an outdated non-income with a dependent nephew, Mary (Carlotta Bazzu) a teenager who despises the misery she suddenly pours with her grandmother.
Without finding any solution to his grave economic condition, Francesca ends up begging in the square Piazza della Repubblica in Rome, in front of her a sign that identifies herself like “Esodata”.
The passers-by are struck by the image of the woman who despite the gesture she does by day, keeps the appearance of a distinct person. An aspect that goes against any stereotype of those who beg for alms and who incarnates the new Italian poverty. The woman, while lying to her grandson on her new "business", is able to overcome the embarrassment of the early days and knows many people curious about her condition.
Peter (David White) a German is one of the first to pick her up a smile and take a tender friendship. Caesare (Simone Desrero) is a coercive but mysterious but trusting attempt to foment the woman's mind. Things get complicated when Mary during an event surprises Francesca while begging in the square. The young girl's reaction is scornful and from that moment vanished from Francesca's life, throwing the woman into a bitter solitude even tougher than their condition had done.