Sun, Heart, Love

Sole Cuore Amore is a story of friendship and solidarity between two young women, Eli and Vale, who have made opposite life choices. Eli, just over thirty, is married with four children. She lives in a small town outside Rome, and spends many hours each day commuting to work in an area of the city quite far from home. She has no choice. She has to lead this life also because her husband Mario has lost his job, and the meagre wages she earns are essential for keeping the family afloat. Despite this hard life, Eli never loses the joie de vivre for which everyone loves her. Between her and Mario there is deep love, total respect, and a desire that never fails. Vale, who is Eli’s age, is a dancer, dedicating her life to artistic expression. She lives alone, and does not have to account for her choices to anyone. The two women have always been friends – practically sisters. Unlike Eli, Vale leads a life totally free of family commitments: above all, she lives the nightlife, working in discos and at the theatre. She is like an aunt to Eli’s children. Sometimes, during the day, she invites the children along to gad about with her, or helps them with their homework.
But human solidarity, love, and the desire to live are not enough to lighten the immense strain Eli bears.