Pipi, Pupu & Rosemary - The Mystery of the Stolen Notes

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Pipi, Pupu & Rosemary - The Mystery of the Stolen Notes (Pipì, Pupù e Rosmarina in Il mistero delle note rapite)

original title:

Pipì, Pupù e Rosmarina in Il mistero delle note rapite

directed by:


Giancarlo Giannini, Francesco Pannofino


Enzo D'Alò, from the tv series "Pipì, Pupù e Rosmarina" written by Vincenzo Cerami






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animation film

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Someone stole the musical notes from the score composed by Mapà for The Great Concert of Midsummer.
The Narrator, the inseparable friendly voice of the three little and adventurous Pipì, Pupù and Rosmarina, entrust them with the delicate task of finding the culprit of the wicked theft and to recover the music, without which the long-awaited Great Concert of Midsummer cannot be executed.
And this would be a great tragedy for all the animals that live in the Woods.
Although our three fearless friends have no clues at all, they know something very important: notes have a life of their own and are attracted by music.
So, what will they device to that the entire score of the Great Concert will recompose, as if by magic?
They decide to execute three major classical operas of music history with the help of the animals of the woods, in the hope of seeing the notes arriving together, revealing in this way the great mistery of their kidnapping.

DIRECTOR’S NOTES Narration using animation is a great challenge. Profound and universal messages can be given with levity and poetry, with honesty and cheerfulness which could not be easily understood otherwise by children. Pipì, Pupù and Rosmarina, already known to the public, on account of a lucky tv series dedicated to them, have been thrilling the youngest with crazy, picaresque and surreal stories which by means of a subtext can communicate a simple philosophy for their little great souls in order to conquer their hearts. So, i thought the time had come to transfer their themes to the big screen, by means of a lively, colourful funny story which had, like all the others, a simple plot that could be followed also, but not only, by the smallest child. I found it interesting to do it using classical music, adjusting it to a child’s taste, through parody, in order to introduce children to the great operas of the past. In the movie, we’ll plunge ourselves in a playful and easy going mood like the one of the three little characters, in three famous and deeply loved classic operas like, “L’Italiana di Algeri” by Rossini, the “Don Quichotte” by Massenet and “The Nutcracker” by Tchaikovsky.