Revelstoke - Un bacio nel vento

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original title:

Revelstoke - Un bacio nel vento

directed by:


Stefano Scandaletti



Dimitri Scarlato, Basil Hogios


Leonardo Baraldi, Lucia Manganaro


Schicchera Production, supported by Ministero della Cultura, TVO, with the support of Indiegogo, Nuovo Imaie, Regione Lazio, Montura





film run:





Ready (01/11/2015)

festivals & awards:

  • Annecy Cinema Italien 2016: Focus sui documentari
  • ICFF Italian Contemporary Film Festival 2016
  • Visioni dal Mondo 2015: Concorso Storie dal Mondo Contemporaneo - Winner
  • David di Donatello 2016: nomination for Best Documentary
  • Lago Film Fest 2016
  • Euganea Film Festival 2016
  • Cinevasioni 2016
  • Ariano Film Festival 2016
  • Terre di Siena Film Festival 2016
  • Oltre le vette (Belluno) 2016
  • SIFestival (Sifnos, Grecia) 2016
  • Fiumicino Film Festival 2017

On October 15, 1915, in the mountains of Western Canada, a tragic work accident snuffed out the life of 28 year-old Angelo Conte, a young immigrant from Veneto. In the thirty months spent far away from his wife Anna, Angelo never stopped writing. One hundred years later, Angelo’s love letters have re-emerged from a drawer, giving rise to a new adventure. Nicola Moruzzi, director of this documentary and great-grandson of Angelo, leaves for Canada with his partner Irene, searching for traces of his departed great-grandfather’s story.

How did my great granfather Angelo arrive in Canada in 1913? What remains of the adventure he lived away from his wife and daughter? What was he thinking in the moment he died? These were the questions in my mind when I’ve decided to make this film. I had the desire to know what happened and to reach a distant point in space and time. That point is Angelo’s grave, where nobody has put a flower in one century.
The providential discovery of the love letters between Angelo and Anna, hidden in a drawer in my aunt’s house, moved me as a human being and inspired me as a director, that’s why I wanted to share this journey with my lover and colleague Irene.
Together we left from Rome searching for Angelo, following all the clues found in his letters. The journey started in Italy and took us to Revelstoke, Western Canada, where Angelo arrived, just like many other italians, to build the longest tunnel in North America. I like to call this film a visionary “on the road” because surprises, discoveries, encounters, breathtaking landscapes were always unexpected and magic. “If we find him” - I told Irene while in Canada - “we will bring Angelo back to Anna who is waiting for him since one hundred years”.
And we really have found something.