In a lonely place (first feature)

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In a lonely place

In a lonely place

original title:

In a lonely place

directed by:


Fabrizio Pasqualetto

costume design:

Cristiana Curreli





film run:




release date:


festivals & awards:

  • TOHorror Film Fest 2016: Competition - Best First Film

"In a lonely place" is about Love, Passion, Obsession. Aren't love stories the blend of these three things? And don't people also try to find themselves through the other person when they're in a relationship? A path that invites and brings us all together to experience the several automatic, fake, built-up behaviors and reach our truest and deepest essence. A path at times beautiful, at times terrible. A path of knowledge. This is the faith of the movie's protagonist, Thomas. A laic and non-dogmatically religious faith. The belief that only the knowledge of our identity can defeat death and give immortality to those who own it.
This is the love gift that he planned for Teresa. The girl he's always loved in silence. Knowledge. Everything is ready in the big abandoned hotel.
He's waiting for her, smiling, illuminated by the sunset's light. He can't wait to give her this beautiful gift.
But for Teresa, the knowledge and discovery of her identity will be scary, agonizing, painful.
Like every love story.