Almost dead (second feature)

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Almost dead

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Almost dead

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She does not remember how she got there. Suddenly, the body next to her wakes up and bites her arm. Hope shoots her dead in the head. From the trunk of the car ... a few minutes later, a stranger appears. His hands tied up with a plastic zip line. He does not know how he’s got there or why he is bound. They are untrusting of each other. As they try to figure out how they have ended up in the car and to find a way out, the forest starts to fill with the walking dead making escape impossible as they surround the car.
Hope uses the cell phone to try and find help but instead comes across a voice of a military man that informs her they have lost control on the fight against the VIRAL outbreak in which the dead seem to be coming back to life. She receives an incoming call from a mysterious woman who claims to be her sister and informs her that in the car there is a serum that can stop the virus in her body before she becomes Almost Dead.