Life is Joy (second feature)

original title:

Il pendolo

directed by:


set design:

Emanuele Pellegrino


Maiora Film, Rai Cinema, supported by Ministero della Cultura, Motoproduzioni, with the support of Regione Lazio, Apulia Film Commission








Development/Pre-production (30/05/2021)

The main character of Life is Joy a the gypsy family, the Martellos, who live in Rome and whose story begins with their attempt to repurchase their old family cyrcus camp from their archienemies, the De Roccos clan. Their hopes lies in Giacinto, the new head of the clan, who is soon to face his opponent in the Boxing World Cup finals.
Unfortunately for the entire family, Giacinto spends all the money won in the match to by an expensive sport car, leaving the family penniless, unleashing the Di Roccos’fury. The Martellos are forced to escape to Greece by boat, but they embark the “long way” across India. Their quiant escape will lead the family towards new adventures, the discovery of their own roots and, finally, towards the long deserved love. Giacinto will indeed find love: he falls for a Rajasthani princess and his happiness will lead his own family to the long deserved happy ending.