I'm Festival

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I'm Festival

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I'm Festival


Fabrizio Nardi


Four Mile, Her Yerde Sanat





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Ready (01/01/2015)

festivals & awards:

  • Cuneo Film Festival 2015: Award for Best Documentary
  • Levante Film Fest 2015: Investigation - Best Film
  • Mitreo Film Festival 2015: Competition Documentaries
  • Wag Film Festival 2015: Sguardi d'Autore
  • Cortisonanti 2015: Shorts - Award Doc/Reportage/Spot
  • CORTODino - Premio del Cortometraggio Dino De Laurentiis 2015: Regional Competition
  • Sarno Film Festival - Un Corto sulla Carta 2015: Competition
  • ViaEmili@DocFest 2015: Competition
  • Cervignano Film Festival 2015: Shorts and Docs
  • Kecorto - Festival del Cortometraggio 2015: Documentaries - Best Short Doc
  • Napoli Film Festival 2015: Schermo Napoli Doc
  • Corto di Sera 2015: Competition
  • Gioiosa In Corto 2015: Documentaries
  • Mizzica Film Festival 2015: Documentaries
  • Procida Film Festival 2015: Documentaries
  • Siloe Film Festival 2015: Competition
  • Social World Film Festival 2015: Competition Documentaries - Best Direction
  • Camaiore Film Festival 2015: Competition - Award for Best Documentary
  • Movie Planet Film Festival 2015: Competition
  • Versus Festival 2015: Viaggio DOC Documentario di Viaggio

Mardin, Turkey. Ibrahim is a child who works in the small bar of his grandfather and like every year expects to chase artistswill explode the streets of colors, sounds and performances extraordinary. Mardin for the 3rd consecutive year, welcomes the largest Festival of Circus Company in Turkey. The Eventis organized by Her yerde Sanat (ArtAnywhere) that has the purpose to create the first school National Circus for children and make it a reference point cultural and artistic youth of the city. The Festival is the flywheel of this. Each year the excitement on again with more than seventy artists who catapulted from around here the world to rediscover the happy smiles of children that make magical everything. A simple game will mark the 'friendship between Ibrahim and Umut, a funny clown red nose, he will learn that, the game and the party if shared with friends will be even more fun.