What does love mean?

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What does love mean? (Che cos'è l'amore)

original title:

Che cos'è l'amore

directed by:


Vanna Botta, Danilo Reschigna



Giuseppe Ceravolo


Circonvalla Film, Feedback Audiovideo





film run:



HD - colour


Ready (31/05/2015)

festivals & awards:

Milan, actual time. Danilo Reschigna is a 50 year old man affected by spastic tetraparesis. He works as a theatrical dramatist and actor. He lived with his parents until their disappearance. He has never had a durable loving relationship, he becomes infatuated at least once a day with women he encounters but his interest is often not corresponded. Vanna Botta is a painter, daughter of art by a large and well-known sculptor. She’s got 93 years old, she lives alone in a totally independent way, she’s a lively woman. She got married only once in life and after her husband's death, she has never had other important relationship with other men. Danilo and Vanna are two artists, two singular persons; what makes them unique is that they have something in common: their love. In fact, they met 3 years ago and it was a love at first sight: they madly fell in love with each other and since then, they are no longer separate. Day by day, the two lovers have built and consolidated a pure, transparent relationship without false moralism and unnecessary possessiveness, that involves body and mind, made of respect and sex, extraordinary, despite or perhaps because of their different ages. In fact Vanna knows that, in spite of the most optimistic auspices, she doesn’t have much time left to live. So her feeling is torn between the worry of leaving Danilo alone after her death, of finding him another woman, and the desire of realizing her dream of love, of marrying, in order to give better legitimacy and respectability to their relationship. For Danilo, Vanna embodies the perfect woman, the only possible - artist, mother, lover all together - for Vanna, Danilo is the reason to hang on on to life with emotional intensity.