Fuori c'è un mondo

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original title:

Fuori c'è un mondo

directed by:


set design:

Flavia Storelli

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DCP - colour

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At the time when the young writer Gabriele manages to win the state of depression that led him to avoid people for a long period, the world resumes to welcome in its tormenting beauty. But the approach to the change and the pursuit of happiness that the young man is chasing will prove to be anything but simple. During a training ride on the riverside, the writer falls unconscious due to a low sugar in the blood and is rescued by Lorenzo, a homeless man who lives under the bridge where Gabriele accused the illness. The writer is immediately impressed by the homeless man because he has a rare picture that is identical to a copy of his mother kept when he was a child. Gabriele returns next day to look for Lorenzo, and Gabriele intrigues more for his wisdom and kindness that combines the wise and sympathetic irony. Gabriele insists to make Lorenzo a favor; the homeless man does not understand why, but then finishes to accepting and asks if he can take his daughter Valentina in his own restaurant. When Gabriel meets Valentina,he immediately is attracted by her sweetness, shyness and stately, therefore he insists to hire her. Between the two soon will born an agreement based on the unusual coincidences which unite them. Valentina is hosted in the rectory of a church where works don Daniel. The girl share the small room with Arianna, a prostitute that the priest took away from the road. The humanity of Daniel, however, has to do also with feelings that are likely to bring it to a wrongful condemnation, first of all by a society that now is approved beyond all limits. Unexpected moments that will follow, in particular those related to drastic and dangerous decision made by Lorenzo in order to solve the precariousness of his life and of her daughter, will change lives of each personage.