Lifeguards in love

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Lifeguards in love (Bagnini & bagnanti)

Lifeguards in love (Bagnini & bagnanti)

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Bagnini & bagnanti

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The Italian Latin Lover was perfectly incarnated by  the handsome lifeguards, who suddenly became legends, “inspiring” young boys to follow the same path for the only sake of living a wild, passionate, carefree life with the ambition of "collecting” dozens of girls during the summer.
Throughout the 60s, 70s and 80s Italian beaches were crowded of young girls coming from central and northern Europe looking for fun: while italian girls used to feel uncomfortable with everything concerning sex outside engagement or marriage, these girls showed the italian boys a more emancipated way of experiencing love.
Now days the situation it’s exactly the opposite and Italian women are hunting the Bagnini while the foreign tourists come to seek relax and uncrowded spots.
I BAGNINI E LE BAGNANTI (Lifeguards and Beach Babes) is a documentary that aims to show the historical figure of the Italian Lifeguard in a funny, outrageous and nonjudgemental way: a quest to investigate if it is still possible to talk about Italian Stallions.
During the month of August 2014, we went on a road trip searching for these legendary Lifeguards:we visited the most popular seaside towns, asking people about Lifeguards stories and names and then trying to track them. We collected several interviews about their lives, love life, sex and passion adventures and how they think things have changed in the last thirty, twenty years.