My Italy

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My Italy

My Italy

My Italy

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My Italy

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set design:

Luca D'Alessandro

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A director and his assistant are traveling around Europe for financing a feature film with and about four great contemporary artists: the Polish Krzysztof Bednarski, the Danish Thorsten Kirchhoff, the American Mark Kostabi and the Malaysian H.H. Lim. These, all real art-star, are in love with Italy were they like to spend many months a year.
Meanwhile, during the director’s money-hunt, our protagonists bump into incredible and grotesque events.
The Polish sculptor is contacted, with an offer he can’t refuse, by a Neapolitan deceased gangster’s widow, she wants him to make a memorial statue for her husband like the one he had made for Kieślowski, at the Warsaw cemetery.
The Danish video-artist must drive all the way for the Padula Charterhouse after a call by a weird plumber who wants to repair his art installation due to a water leak. The work of art is indeed a representation of a public toilet and the water flowing is a tape recording, but the plumber wants to tear it down. His adventurous drive will make him meet ghosts and face mysteries in a remote Italian landscape.
The American painter, deeply shaken by the news of the arson in Napoli’s Science City, drives to the wreck site of the museum, that’s a few steps from Sophia Loren’s native home. He wants to place a portrait of the star and her mesmeric look onto the ruins.
The Malaysian artist spots a beautiful woman in the crowd of a well-known Roman café. He starts following her through Rome’s neighborhood as far as the city limits.
Finally, the money has been found and the film has been made, but wonders never cease