Sono sempre io

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Sono sempre io

Sono sempre io

Sono sempre io

original title:

Sono sempre io

directed by:


Franco Bertini, Flavio Insinna, Alessandro Gassmann, Edoardo Leo, Luciano Scarpa, Rocco Papaleo, Rolando Ravello, Dario Bandiera









Ready (10/03/2016)

"It's Always Me" is borne out of independent and alternative author Franco's discomfort as well as his creativity; alternative from what the market often strives to seek.
An aversion to all that is of easy fruition makes Franco vulnerable, consequently this puts him against his alter egos: The Writer, The Musician, The Angry Man.
Franco fights to establish himself. Life merges with fiction in a narrative way made of metaphor that borders with the surreal.
It's a story in which the author channels rage, anxiety, hope, without anyone's help. He is the Scriptwriter, the Director, the Actor, playing 4 different roles (and his respective 3 alter egos). He's the Sound Recordist and the Director of Photography, he's the Gaffer and the Grip, the Electrician, the Art Designer, the Line Producer, the Costume Designer, the Film Editor, the Producer, the Sound Designer, the VFX Artist, the Grader, the Composer... on set it was "always" (and only) him.
The locations are real places: his home, the roof of his building, the streets and situations in which he would find himself involved on a daily basis. Even all the other characters he meets are their real selves. His daughter, his wife, his financial advisor, as well as friends like Alessandro Gassman, Flavio Insinna and others, each acting their roles of their real selves, each in their "own" real life locations.