Blue Kids (first feature)

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Blue Kids

Blue Kids

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Blue Kids

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Archimede, Rai Cinema, supported by Ministero della Cultura, with the support of Regione Lazio

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DCP - colour

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A brother and a sister live on the borderline between awareness of their actions and total unconsciousness, until they commit a sin from which there is no return.

Blue Kids is a story of love and revenge carried to the extreme, and is grounded in shortcomings. Nostalgia for life even before having lived it, fear of sentiments and the inability to understand them, lead two siblings into a bubble in which everything is possible because nothing seems to have any consequences. This state of mind is the echo of the places and the moods of a land in which the winters are very foggy; modernity bursts in, as violent and alienating as their gestures. Their only foothold seems to be the distant, confused memory of when they were small and were comforted by their grandmother and by cartoons; of that naiveté in which they would have liked to remain forever. Revenge also means punishing those who have taken away their purity, the light-hearted gaze they have lost forever, without understanding that no one is to blame, except perhaps life. So they might as well continue to play