Che cos'è un Manrico

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Che cos'è un Manrico

Che cos'è un Manrico

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Che cos'è un Manrico

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There's always someone who ends more last than the others, but in the chart of those who end as last one, Manrico is certainly on top. Manrico is a 30 year old guy, suffering from muscular dystrophy, who can only move one hand and his head. Having lost both his parents, he lives with his grandmother, who's now unable to take care of him, and he's totally dependent on social operators and charitable organizations. Manrico is an ex wheelchair roller hockey player, a former Robocop, a singer who can't really carry a tune, a real social network devotee. Manrico is sarcastic, biting, full of sexual drive, angry, ironic, smiling, always ready to laugh. Manrico is not only that. Seven days like every other for Manrico and his social operator, Stefano, spent in the heart of Rome, in the summer, riding his electric chair, zig-zagging between the cars, climbing on cluttered sidewalks, stopping by Borgo Pio's bars, Chinese restaurants, St. Peter's square, among street musicians in Campo de' Fiori, trying to face up, in his own home ,to that wild river known as his grandma, going to watch a wheelchair hockey match, for the first time only as a spectator, among many other Manricos. But Manrico is not only this. What's a Manrico?