Contro Corrente

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Contro Corrente

Contro Corrente

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Contro Corrente


Francesco Schisano, Giuseppe Abbagnale, Carmine Abbagnale, Antonio La Padula, Catello Amarante, Gioacchino Cascone




Italy / France



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Ready (30/03/2016)

Francesco Schisano, 23 years old, he is an athlete of "Circolo nautico Stabia" one of rowing club most titled in Italy. At his young age, Francesco, has already won 3 gold medals in the World Championship and he excelled during Italian national rowing race in "2 senza" in couple with his collegue and friend Vincenzo Serpico. In the 2013 because of a strange cardiac arrhythmia, the sport fitness was withdrawn and Francesco lost the possibility to partecipate at World rowing race. The whole life he sacrified for rowing since childhood, it seems vanished. He sees his teammates keep on winning race, he sees Vincenzo, get in "Fiamme Gialle" the only way to live of rowing, a poor sport but full of passion. The family and Friends had never abandoned Francesco, and they helped him to recover from blow. So that, it returns the physical fitness and with it the desire to fight hardly fot the dreams of lifetime. It is not easy to get back to rower boat and restart your training without being able to mach yourself with the athletes of Italian national rowing, but in Castellammare di Stabia, they know how to make stronger a talent, and under the judgement of " Abbagnale Brothers" Francesco gives all his possible to get his goals; first national race, then  World Championship.