The Sled

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The Sled (La slitta)

The Sled (La slitta)

original title:

La slitta

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HD - colour


Ready (15/01/2016)

festivals & awards:

  • Salento International Film Festival 2017: Short Films
  • TIFF Kids International Film Festival 2017
  • Durban International Film Festival 2016: Short Films
  • Festival International du Film de Mons 2016: Courts Métrages
  • Flickers - Rhode Island International Film Festival 2016: Hip, Hot and Short
  • Tirana International Film Festival 2016: Feature - Shorts
  • ValdarnoCinema Film Festival 2016: Concorso Nazionale
  • Visioni Italiane 2016
  • Festival Kids First 2016
  • Cinechildren International Film Festival 2016
  • Cortinametraggio 2016
  • Sguardi Altrove 2016
  • Festival Internacional de Cine Los Pajaros Pintados 2016: Feather Award Best Short Film
  • Festival Internacional de Cine Bogota Derechos Humanos 2016
  • Carmathen Bay International Film Festival 2016
  • Prato Film Festival 2016
  • Cordoba International film Festival 2016
  • Cannes Short Film Corner 2016
  • Meeting Internazionale Cinema Indipendente 2016
  • Salento Finibus Terrae 2016
  • Reggio Calabria Film Festival 2016: Legalità Corti in Concorso
  • The Monthly Film Festival-2016: Short Films Third Best Short Film
  • Golfo Di Napoli Indipendent International Film Festival 2016:Corti Internazionali - Best Short Film
  • Salon Internacional de la Luz 2016: Fiction Shorts in Competition - Best Cinematography
  • Pietrasanta Film Festival 2016: Corti Tema Libero in Concorso
  • Prato Film Festival 2016: ShorTuscany
  • Refugee Film Festival Scotland 2016
  • Santa Marinella Short Film Festival 2016
  • Cerano Film 2016: Corti Tema Libero in Concorso
  • Visioni Corte Film Festival 2016: Cortofiction
  • Ad Arte Film Festival 2016: cortometraggi in concorso
  • Brevi D’autore Film Festival 2016: cortometraggi in concorso - Best Original Music For Fiction Short Film
  • A Corto di Donne International Film Festival 2016: finalista Fiction
  • Metropolis Film Festival 2016: cortometraggi fiction
  • Culture Del Mondo Film Festival 2016: Finalisti concorso
  • Corto E Cultura Film Festival 2016: Finalisti concorso - Best Editing
  • Cinema di Frontiera 2016: Con-corto
  • Malescorto 2016: Concorso
  • Escamontage IFF
  • Riace in Festival 2016: Migranti
  • Cervino Cine Mountain Festival
  • Cinemadamare 2016: concorso
  • Officinema Film Festival 2016: Best Shortfilm
  • Gioiosa in Corto Film Festival 2016: finalisti
  • The World Cup International Film Festival 2016: Short Films
  • Palagianoincorto IFF 2016: Concorso cortometraggi - Jury Price
  • Inventa un Film 2016: concorso
  • Lucania Film Festival 2016: Spazio Italia - Best Actors (Riccardo Specchio, Alban Pajolli)
  • Indie Gathering International Film Festival 2016: Foreign Drama shorts - Best Foreign Drama
  • Corti In Cantina 2016: Best Director
  • Clorofilla Film Festival 2016
  • Ojo de Pescado Festival Internacional de Cine 2016: Cortometraje sobre infancia y adolescencia
  • Ecofestivalpesio International Film Festival 2016: Finalisti
  • Video Lab film Festival 2016: corti mediterranei
  • Mizzica Film Festival 2016: corti
  • Ushuaia SHH Festival Int de Cine de Montana 2016: Cortometraje internacional
  • Sila Film Festival 2016: finalisti
  • Rivoli Film Festival 2016: cortometraggi
  • Tangier International Film Festival 2016: international shortfilm competition
  • Un Film per la Pace Film Festival
  • Terra di Siena Film Festival
  • Sedicicorto International Film Festival 2016: Corti Italia
  • The International Short film Festival of Cyprus 2016
  • Fano FF 2016
  • Festival de Cine Solidario de Guadalajara 2016: Refugees
  • Metricamente Corto 2016: cortometraggi fiction
  • Festival Europeen du Film Court de Brest 2016: European Competition

Alfred is a small boy who lives with his family in the woods near an isolated village in the mountains of Italy. His parents have strong prejudices against immigrants. Bored and unhappy, they often quarrel, and they pay little attention to their son and usually disregard his needs for attention and affection. One day, wishing to get away from this oppressive atmosphere, Alfred disobeys his father’s strict orders for him to stay at home and he leaves the house to go and see his classmates. On his journey through the woods he gets lost and he comes across a wooden sled and its owner, a young boy from another country who seems strange and different, and who Alfred has sometimes seen around the village. After an initial clash, in which they project the prejudices of their parents and society onto each other, they tell each other about their lives. They soon start to relate to each other and understand each other’s problems. Thanks to the Sled Alfred will have his first experience of a genuine relationship with another person.