Every soul of my body

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Every soul of my body (Tutte le anime del mio corpo)

Every soul of my body (Tutte le anime del mio corpo)

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Tutte le anime del mio corpo

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Italy / Slovenia



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Ready (31/03/2016)

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After her mother’s death, a woman finds her war diary - written during WWII. She had always thought that her father was the resistance hero, but she discovers who her mother really was – a girl who became a partisan - , her intimate thoughts about
the meaning of pain and war, and her willingness to take action and fight. The daughter carries the words of the diary as a gift in her everyday life: she is a psychotherapist who cares for foster children. Isn’t the woman in the diary the same one that passed down to her the values she believes in? The celebration of life during the grieving process is an intimate experience that
enables us to cope with the passing of our loved ones and to give meaning to the legacy they left us, because what shapes our lives is also what we miss the most.