4021 (first feature)

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Simone Pulcini, Luca Di Capua, Marco Blanchi, Federico Galante, Eugenio Krauss, Mirko Frezza, Caterina Mannello, Simone Guarany, Elisa Billi, Orlando D'Apice, Angelo De Angelis, Roberto Di Marco, Felice Leveratto, Emanuele Natilizi, Michelangelo Pulcini, Valerio De Angelis, Matteo Quinzi, Carmela Rossi




Davide Marchione






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HD - colour

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  • Ischia Film Festival 2015

Number "4021" is a young boy that lives in Rome. He has humble origins and he grew up in the suburbs. He does not have a dream because no one had ever taught him that he could have one. He is thirty years old and he already has a failed marriage behind him. The agent 4021, does not have a name, or perhaps he does not remember anymore. He is lonely and desperate and he wants to end his life on the beach near Rome where he met Daniela (his wife), but something stopped him; a voice, a feeling, took away his courage. He goes to one of his clients: the restaurant "Da Agostino". The owner has to pay his bills but he refuses and says that he needs more time to pay all his debts. The agent 4021 needs that money. He sits down and falls into a strange sleep and recalls some important moments in his life: the first time he met Daniela, the birth of their son, some difficult and hard times in their marriage, a jewelry robbery and one strange figure: a young foreigner that follows him everywhere. The past blends with the present. There isn't a precise order in the things that has happened to him or those that have not happened yet. When he awoke in Augustine’s restaurant, everything was the same but something has changed. He has committed a desperate act from which he cannot go back and he will commit a worse one: it seems that he wants to kill Agostino, the owner of the restaurant.