Mimì – The prince of darkness (first feature)

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Mimì – The prince of darkness (Mimì - Il principe delle tenebre)

Mimì – The prince of darkness (Mimì - Il principe delle tenebre)

Mimì – The prince of darkness (Mimì - Il principe delle tenebre)

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Mimì - Il principe delle tenebre

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Mimì is a shy 18-year-old, who works in a small pizzeria in Naples, living a reserved and quiet life. Word is that he was abandoned as a child because of his deformed feet, which have always been concealed in large orthopedic boots. Today his family is composed by Nando, the owner of the pizzeria, and Giusy, a transexual woman living next door, who is a real mother figure to Mimì.
Because of his diversity, he is bullied and tormented by people in the neighborhood. Among them is Bastianello, the son of a crime boss. One evening, at closing time, Bastianello and his group of henchmen burst into the restaurant demanding to eat. Among them, Mimì notices a strange girl dressed in dark clothes, who is estranged from the group: Carmilla.
A friendship is born between the two, Carmilla introduces him to her group of goth friends, who seem to see Mimi’s deformity as a badge of distinction that makes him different and interesting. The girl reveals that she ran away from home and tells him about her Romanian origins: her mother is an aristocrat, a descendant of Prince Vlad Dracul, aka Dracula. For the first time, Mimi feels welcomed and understood.
However, life is never easy for outsiders and Mimì and Carmilla won’t be left alone. Mimì will be violently injured by Bastianello and his friends. After he wakes from a coma, he feels hallucinated, but stronger than ever. He decides he will revenge Carmilla and find the place where they really belong.